Wildlife Pond

Andy's Wildlife Pond
Andy has created a wildlife pond which is supplied by rainfall. This is taken from the house roof directly to the pond and also stored up in water tanks for times of drought. The pond is allowed to flood and in so doing supplying excess water to the two bog gardens incorporated into the design. The planting has the wildlife in mind and is a mixture of some feature plants alongside more natural and self set wild flowers. At one end of the pond is a seating area where a sheltered area allows you to sit and enjoy the surroundings.

Original garden. 1Original garden. 2Original garden. 3Site of pondExcavation of pondExcavation of pond outline
Pond liner and fillSite of seating areaFinished seating areaLandscaping and plantingFinished pond, one year onOne year on. 1
One year on. 2One year on . 4One year on. 3One year on. 5One year on. 6Pond as part of existing garden

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